Recent News

September 25, 2017:  The prevailing wages were updated.  The median wage is the minimum wage employers can offer when hiring foreign workers that require a LMIA or for intra-company transferee work permit applications in the specialized knowledge category.

August 28, 2017:  The updated Recruitment Requirement for LMIA applications comes into effect.  It will be mandatory to use the national Job Bank as a job posting site.  Provincial government sites, such as WorkBC may be used in addition to the Job Bank but not in lieu.  Also, employers are required to use the Job Match service and invite any applicants with a four star match (or more) to apply for the role within the first 30 days of posting.

June 12, 2017:  The new LMIA pilot program, Global Talent Stream, is launched.  The program targets innovative high growth companies hiring specialized talent.  Employers can access the program through either: Category 1) Referral from a designated referral agency or Category 2) Hiring from the list of designated occupations.

June 12, 2017:  The new Global Skills Strategy comes into effect.  The program includes two-week processing for work permit applications from certain LMIA-Exempt occupations and for people with Global Talent Stream LMIAs.

June 12, 2017:  A short-term work permit exemption is now available to workers coming to Canada for a short duration (one 30-days or two 15-day visit) in a NOC 0 or A level position.  These workers can work without a work permit and request the exemption upon entry.

June 6, 2017:  Additional points changes to the Express Entry scoring system.  Applicants now have the opportunity to receive additional points for having a sibling in Canada who is Canadian or a Permanent Resident and additional points for French language skills.