How can we make your immigration life easy?

We are problem solvers.

We want to save you money, time, and get rid of those headaches.

We want to know what’s working well with your immigration program; we want to know your challenges and your frequently faced issues.

The goal is to understand the underlying issues and your needs.  And we’ll do this within the context of the ever-changing immigration landscape.  We’ll then work with you to develop solutions before the issues escalate and ensure they don’t arise again, and ultimately, enable you to provide consistent service to your organization.

Throughout this process, we’re mindful of your organization’s vision, culture and strategy to ensure everything is aligned.  We will mold our process to match what works best for your organization.  Prefer we communicate directly with your employees?  Sounds great.  Prefer we coordinate everything through you?  Sounds good too.  It’s the only way we can help make your life easier and your business run more smoothly.

Complete Application Management

We'll take the entire immigration process off your hands.

Service includes:

  • A full assessment of the situation
  • Drafting of forms, letters and other documentation as required
  • Assembly and submission of complete application packages
  • Acting as Third party representative and related communication with immigration authorities
  • Ongoing communication with and guidance to you and the employee(s) throughout the application process

Types of applications we love working on:

  • Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA)
  • CUSMA (formerly NAFTA) work permits
  • Intra-company transferee work permits
  • Provincial Nominee Program 
  • Express Entry profiles for Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Worker applicants
  • Permanent Residence
  • Permanent Resident Card renewals
  • Citizenship applications
  • Business visitors and temporary resident visa applications
Strategic Planning

We can ensure that your overall staffing goals are met, beyond just the application process.

We can do this by:

  • Assessment of immigration options best suited to your organization
  • Tracking work permit expiry dates and other relevant data
  • Proactive planning and initiation of discussion ahead of employment offers being made or expiry dates arriving
  • Providing options and recommendations
  • Leading training sessions on immigration practices
  • Improving internal processes, including tool development, to allow for increased efficiency and control
Ad-hoc Advice

Every situation is unique and there aren't always set answers.

You may have faced similar issues in the past, but never this exact one. Let us help you with those one-off questions. If we don’t know the answer right away, we’ll do the research for you. We’ve got the answers, or know where to find them, so let us ease the burden.


Stay up-to-date on the latest immigration issues.

Our immigration workshops are designed for Human Resources Professionals who want to unravel the intricacies of Canadian immigration. They have been designed to cover the theoretical and the practical.  We’ll give you enough information to be knowledgeable but not overwhelmed.  Our focus is on empowering HR Professionals to effectively manage and oversee these complex issues for their organizations.

Read more about our workshop series and let us know if you’d like to be on our notifications list.