Why would you choose a consultant instead of a lawyer?

We get this question a lot:  Why would you choose an immigration consultant over a lawyer?

Our answer involves an analogy:

Immigration consultants are like the midwives of the immigration world.  We handle routine cases with great care and attention.  We have a network of specialists handy to call when we see red flags that need to be addressed.   (And if you don’t know what a midwife does, then you can reverse the analogy…midwives are the immigration consultants of the childbirth world.  They handle low-risk pregnancies with personalized care, calling upon a network of specialists to assist when things get complicated.)


Immigration Consultants are regulated by the ICCRC and we’re known as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs).  We adhere to a code of professional ethics, have rules about how we manage our files, what our retainer agreements look like, how disputes are managed.  We are required to maintain a certain level of continuing professional development each year to keep us current in this ever-changing immigration landscape.  When it comes to preparing, submitting and representing applicants and their applications,  we have the same responsibilities as lawyers.    If an application has complications, RCIC’s cannot represent a client at Federal Court.  That’s when we call in an immigration lawyer to help.  Actually, for us, we’d call well before things went awry to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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