How do you find out about the latest immigration changes?

Another FAQ:  How do you find out about this stuff?

There’s no direct line between Immigration to consultants or lawyers so we have to gather our news from a bunch of different sources, including:

  • immigration consulting associations that circulate information to their members, such as bulletins from CAPIC or IMEDA
  • IRCC’s website or their newsletter
  • other immigration practitioners’ newsletters
  • conferences and workshops
  • our clients
  • completely by accident

In the spirit of honesty, we aren’t always the first to know.   We’re often blind-sided too.  There are usually press releases that come with the major announcements; the subtle ones are harder to track.  Oftentimes we know something is going to change soon…we just don’t know exactly when and what the fine print will be.  And other times, we find out completely by accident when we submit an outdated version of a form, call IRCC or Service Canada or come across new information in our daily web searching.    Because there’s no definitive source of all news and information, we’re all about sharing information.  Sharing with our clients, other consultants, anyone.  If you hear of something juicy, feel free to send it our way!  And if we hear anything juicy, you’ll find it on our Recent News page.  Share with you soon!


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